Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Putting Braid on the 1940s Blouse

Slowly but surely the 1940s blouse is taking shape.  When my daughter is around at a convenient moment she tries it on for me.  The sleeves are now on, and since taking this photo I have made the collar, but it is not yet attached.

Also I have sewn on this tiny rick rack, using the braiding foot.  It is very pale pink and it looks really pretty as a trim on the cuffs and collar.  It is getting easier to visualise the finished blouse... 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Free Motion Quilting on Tweed

This is the first project using the tweed offcuts I received last week.  I have promised my husband a cushion, using the plain tweeds, which are especially thick and felty.

The first stage was joining the pieces, using a strip of cotton print as binding.  The idea is similar to the method for joining quilted blocks in the quilt as you go method - except that only the top strip is needed.  This way the tweed lies edge to edge, so the seam has no bulk.

Then I pinned on a piece of muslin as backing and started the free motion oak leaves.

They are rough and ready, but this is a bloke's cushion.

The whole idea might sound a bit barmy, but it is turning out fairly well so far.  It has been a lark doing free motion quilting without wadding and with no gloves.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sew for Victory Sew-along

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the Sew for Victory 1940s Sew-along at Rochelle's blog Lucky Lucille and decided I just had to jump in with the 1940s blouse.  Making vintage clothes on vintage machines is what I originally decided to do about four years ago, but somehow I got sidetracked into quilting.  Who says you can't do both?  It's all sewing.

Anyway, if you hit the Sew for Victory button in the right hand margin, you can visit Lucky Lucille and follow the link to the Flickr group, where participants are posting works in progress and finished garments.  Also, the blog has a fabulous compilation video of last year's sew-along, showing some truly gorgeous fashions.

Because the sew-along had already been running for a fortnight when I found out about it, it was a bit late to start planning anything spectacular.  Also, I am trying to buy as little as possible, other than thread, trim and buttons, so I am using up what is left of the jolly red daisies material that I used for the toddler's dress.

So far, progress has been fairly slow but steady...  

The sunray darts took a ridiculously long time, but they are finally done.  I have been trying to work out a time saving dodge for darts, but without making another similar blouse I won't know if it will work.

The neck and the armholes are far too small on the pattern, so there is a fair amount of adjustment going on.

But we are getting there... and I have my model lined up for the final photo shoot...

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tweed Offcuts

This collection of pure wool tweed offcuts arrived in the post for me a few days ago, direct from the manufacturers in the north of England - a trip of nearly 200 miles.  (Americans take note - this is a small country, and that is a long way).  I didn't know what colours to expect, I took pot luck and asked for five dark colours and five lighter or bright colours.  

As soon as I had time I washed them all, so I know they are pre-shrunk when I use them, and also to ensure there is no loose dye.  After an initial very warm dunk in a bucket, I washed them all together in the machine at 30 degrees.  No nasty running dye - a fantastic result.  I didn't know it was possible to have so much fun with a washing machine.

They vary in weight - the plaids would be suitable for skirts, whereas the plain colours would be ideal for a thick winter coat.  I love the pink...

... and the herringbones are very jolly.  My husband liked the dark green in the top picture and immediately wanted a jacket in it.  No chance, I haven't even got enough to make half a sleeve, so I have promised him a cushion instead.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Pretty Picture for Sunday - Early Morning on Broad Street

Another picture from my son, taken this week while he was walking to work.  In town by 6.30 am - the clocks alone are a big clue that I didn't take this photo.  I was still tucked up in beddy byes.


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